Planting trees

Dear children.

You, all children are born on this planet with joy and love.

You are born to experience a lot in your lifetime, to be surrounded by abundant nature, to make friends, to be yourself, to hold on to dreams, to fulfill wishes, to turn challenges and trials into learning, to live your given life to the fullest and to enhance your spirit.

Yes! On the beautiful planet Earth.

All children should be healthy, have hope for the future and live in peace. Adults have the mission to fulfill this basic environment!

Not only children, but also the plants, small animals, invisible micro-organisms, fungi, water, air and soil around us. We want to feel the heartbeat of the earth and hear the voices of all the small creatures. We want to develop our competences.

The DYCLE compostable diaper inlays children used last year have been returned to the soil. Together with the children, mothers and fathers who participated, we planted a pear tree. We helped the fathers and mothers with transforming their daily love into rich soil.

The children may not have understood yet the significance of this tree-planting event today. But the adults felt that we have taken a small first step towards a system transformation.

The small berries will bear in June. They are very fragrant and delicious berries. Then let's all get together again, dear children!


The tree planting took place on 15 October 2022 in Wriezener Park at the Nrigendwo Environmental Education Centre & Cultural Site. Many thanks to the many helping hands, to the participating families, to the district mayor Clara Herrmann, to the Nirgendwo!

With the tree planting, our project "From waste to new values" came to an end. Many thanks to the district office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg for their support!


This project was fiancially supported by the district administration (Bezirksamt) of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.