Join the DYCLE-Team!

DYCLE is aiming to be one of the world’s first fully zero-waste, systemic production company. Breaking new ground, by developing a value-chain with multiple income streams - producing high quality ecological products, at competitive prices, whilst building community along the way. This is innovation at all levels:- from production, to the product, to the relationships with parents and babies, and healthy soil.

Our goal is also to support the growth of a network of decentralized, diaper producers around the world - each using their own local resources as material inputs for production, and all parts of this network collaborating together.

What we do:
We build communities around parents and babies, offering a 100% bio-based, and 100% compostable, diaper inlay. The inlays are collected within the community and transformed into high quality soil substrate. This soil substrate is then used to support the growth of newly planted fruit and nut trees, closing the loop in the cycle.

At DYCLE, we are currently developing our own diaper production line, as well as preparing for the publication of our first guidelines book. With the technological solutions and guidelines, we want to spread our vision to other cities and countries, and support the implementation of the system as soon as possible.

We are searching for 4 interns to join our team for 15-20 hours per week in the following areas:

Engineer / Product designer
Start: May 2018
Duration. 3-6 months
Location: Berlin

DYCLE is building a technological solution that will enable the production of our 100% bio-based diapers in local communities. We are working together with a local and international network of engineers and scientists.

Your tasks would include:

- coordinate different efforts of building components
- research of parts and technologies and do practical testing of equipment
- communicate with partners and document experiments

Fundraising & Partnership
Start: May 2018
Duration: 3-6 months
Location: Berlin

Implementing the diaper cycle involves several key activities. Working with a network of partners has brought us this far and we are looking forward to include more financial partners and collaboration partners in order to scale up our operations.

Your tasks would include:
- Taking care of our existing partners and approaching new potential partners
- Researching institutions, corporates, NGOs, financial partners and EU network who share the same visions. Contacting them to build a trustful relationship.
- Writing applications that fit to what our next milestones need.

Business Development and Strategy

Start: May 2018
Duration: 3-6 months
Location: Berlin

After successfully completing a 4-week test run in Autumn 2017, we have some exciting opportunities coming up in 2018. We are aiming to get into production operation as soon as possible, and as smooth as possible. During startup progress we need to surf the waves of creatively. Management of our priority, time & energy and team flow are key to take the best decisions.

Your tasks would include:
- managing our team’s resources and manpower
- planning mid-term milestones
- keeping an overview of projects and results
- thinking with us about strategies to reach our goals

Graphic design

Start: May 2018
Duration: 3-6 months
Location: Berlin

DYCLE is working on a guideline book, that we will publish in 2018. This publication is intended to spread the philosophy and backgrounds of the DYCLE concept.

Your tasks would include
- Doing the layout of the book and preparing the publication
- Creating new and improving existing graphic material
- Working on other online and printed materials explaining the DYCLE system

About you

You are self-motivated and can work in a startup environment

You can motivate yourself to get things done without the need for constant attention from the team. You are ready to take initiative and make your own decisions, and also be able to take direction if necessary.

Your profile

  • 1-3 years experience in your field

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in German and English

  • Good organisational skills and ability to multitask

  • Passion and understanding of sustainability, circular economies and upcycling

Who We Are

  • An international team with an innovative vision and great collaborative spirit

  • Located at TopLab, the first community biolab in Berlin-Neukoelln.

  • Provide lots of opportunities to network in the Berlin sustainability scene

  • An exciting social start-up with a string of awards already under our belts!

  • Learn about the implementation of the Blue economy principles

  • Opportunity to contribute to a world without diaper waste


Are you interested in playing a key role in a social start up and being part of the launch and development phase?

Please reach out to us at with your CV and a short motivation email.