Finally, our first DYCLE cycle was closed!

50 fruit trees were planted on last Saturday 26.11.2016 with the collaboration of the CSA farmer Angelika Glawe from Luch Gärtnerei and Food Assembly groups in Berlin.

This event has a history of one and half years of effort. After 20 Berlin parents used compostable diaper inlays for the DYCLE pilot project in may 2015, we transformed it during one year into fertile Terra Preta substrate. Finally, trees are going to grow with the help of Berlin babies.

Twelve motivated participants gave full effort to plant 33 different types of old fruit species of apple, pear, quince, cherry, plum and apricot.

Over 25 years, one fruit tree can produce 50 kg of fruit every year. With these kickstart 50 trees, ca. 2500 kg of fruit will come back to us in the coming years. The land will contribute with diversity of fruit, which we have never had in conventional agricultural land.

Each participant wrote three wishes for the next generations and hanged on the fruit trees. Planting trees is a way of taking responsibility for the land and for the next generations. We took a silent moment for expanding our imagination from the presence to the future. How do we want to see the location, the trees and our societies?

Up to now, many institutions, companies and families have been involved and have supported us to close the first diaper cycle.

We appreciate all contributions from these supporters during 2015 and 2016:

  • TerraBoga research project, Botanic Garden Berlin
  • 20 Berlin pilot project families
  • Wandlizer Erden
  • Terra Preta experts (Dr. Haiko Pieplow, Dr. Jürgen Reckin, Peter Thomas, Dr. Michael Weiss)
  • Prinzessinnengarten
  • Technical University Berlin
  • Donators of crowdfunding campaign

In March we are going to plant the next 50 fruit trees. We are also looking for partners and locations for further actions. Please contact us!





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