Growing together

Beginning of this month, DYCLE attended a network-meeting with the 100 winners of the competition "Land of ideas 2016".

All of us take strong actions of neighborhood in the fields of economy, science, culture, environment, education and society all over Germany. 
There is an amazing energy when these winners meet and exchange their experiences, vision and challenges.  

Often we hear from projects or innovation companies or read about it in the internet. Sometimes kind friends recommend us to contact this initiative or that company.  
But once we meet the face to face, we understand the other persons big vision and challenges much better and faster. 

Especially DYCLE was amazed by those innovations:, Tropen-Haus and Agroophotovoltaik
We are very happy to be involved into this neighborhood-inovation and grow together! 

Copy-right  Deutschland – Land der Ideen/Bernd Brüniert

Ayumi: Founder, Farid: Communications

Fotos: (c) Deutschland – Land der Ideen/Bernd Brüniert