Thank you for meeting us!

Dear DYCLE supporters,

Little by little people started to talk about DYCLE through wonderful networking events this month. In May, DYCLE attended seeds + plant exchange market at Prinzessinnengarten, The Next Organic food fair, Asia Pacific Weeks 2016 and the SOLANUM festival.  

Dear Event organizers, we appreciate a lot being invited to to your event. For us, it is very important to meet new people face to face and listen to their ideas how everybody could take part in the DYCLE movement. We received so many tips and creative ideas during these events.
Dear friends who talked to us at the events. We recognized these weeks that people already know the concept through word of mouth. Thank you for sharing diapers cycle stories to your friends. Those who received the black humus from us, did you already use it for your plants at home? How are your plants doing? 
The season is getting summer now. We are excited to have new team members and will move to our new office space soon.
Thank you again for your encouragement and following us :)