Berlin babies wanted!

We are looking for 50 Berlin based families with babies who would like to test our 100% compostable diaper inlays for 2 or 3 days.

Mainly we would like to meet families who use cloth diapers and babies from 6 months and up. You will get a sample package with ca. 15 inlays. We will annouce the exact days for the test at the beginning of April.

To keep logistics manageable, we want to form groups of at least 15 parents around one location. Do you know any community places, groups, kindergartens or shops? We are looking forward to hearing your ideas. Thank you!

Participating families will be offered a free package of inlays once our production is up and running. Alternatively they will be provided with a portion of the humus created from the used inlays.

Our goal is to establish our first production line in Berlin this summer, so we can enter a continuous operation as soon as possible. We have optimized our inlay design and we are looking forward to get some feedback from as many different users as possible.


Update: We had a great response and our test will start in the week from 11 June.