26. November DYCLE tree planting day

Saturday, 26. November 2016 - 14:00 to 16:00

Invitation to the first DYCLE tree planting day!

We invite everybody to take part in our first tree planting day. We will plant about 100 fruit trees of various old species (see below). This day is organized together with CSA-farmer Angelika Glewe of Luch-Gärtnerei and people from different CSA-groups and members of Food Assembly groups in Berlin.

Thanks to our supporters!
This event is possible thanks to the people who have supported our crowdfunding campaign in December 2015. Thank you very much!

Closing the cycle
We also would like to thank all the families and their kids who have donated nutrients during the pilot project in May 2015. Now we are closing the cycle and return those nutrients into the nature. They help to grow healthy fruits for the next generations.

Become a patron!
Want to join and support us? Adopt a tree and support the realisation of the diaper cycle:
becoming a tree-patron.

Patron or not, all are welcome on our planting event!

11:00 Preparation and start planting one to another
13:00 Break with small lunch (small donation welcome) 
14:00 Official planting ceremony (Music, Singing, Writing wishes… creative participation for everybody)
16:00 Ceremony end
If you are motivated to help us planting those 100 trees, please join us at 11:00am. This will be some kind of work-out, but easier with many hands to help! 
Berliner Allee 3, 14662 Friesack, Deutschland
How to get there: please see below!
By car
follow B5 for 50 kilometers to the West out of Berlin. The planting area is before entering the town of Friesack, just opposite a gas station.
Car sharing - Sharing is caring. If you go there by car and have free seats, please tell us or post it at our FB event page
www.facebook.com/events/663421807168515/ then other friends can join too.
By Train 
Trains go to Frisack once per hour, the ticket is 6,90 one way per person. There is a bus to/from the train station to the planting area.

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