Diapers cycle

The diapers cycle

Human excretions - once a valuable ressource - has become something we quickly flush away with water. Baby's poo is thrown away to be burned or buried, creating waste and consuming lots of energy.

DYCLE proposes a complete new way of how we produce, use and recycle our nappies. DYCLE will restore and close the nutrients cycle and material cycle of baby’s diapers. Experts have confirmed that the proposed systemic flow design of the closed diaper cycle is viable.


We want to turn the diapers which contain the precious present from babies into safe and fertile black humus, ready for growing trees and plants for local production. Children grow and trees grow. Fruit trees could be harvested to produce locally made baby food or juice, so that parents and babies could gain back the nutrients.

One child alone could produce more than 30 liters of fertile soil every month.


Once we grow trees, diapers materials could be produced out of it. Also, new bio-plastic materials from plants and other unrecognized natural fibers could be sourced for 100% biodegradable diapers. Diapers made from natural fibers support a healthier baby skin by avoiding plastic components and chemical additives.

If DYCLE succeeds to close the total diaper cycle it will achieve reducing the volume of waste that goes to landfills and incinerators. It will supply very rich soil to local communities that can grow trees and food. DYCLE will be able to support organic food production for healthier mothers and their babies.


DYCLE is responsible for the diapers collecting system and its transformation to hygienic rich humus. To achieve our goal, DYCLE collaborates with local entrepreneurs and scientific partners. The systemic flow needs further scientific research and innovative engineering for technical details. However, there is also a big potential for new fibers to produce 100% biodegradable diapers and for micro-organisms and fungi to improve the humification process.

By closing the cycles and using output material as input materials to another activities, DYCLE challenges to create new jobs in local economies and bring healthy foods and sustainable diapers to babies.



We are currently looking to complete the supply chain for the different steps in the cycle: e.g. bio-degradeble diapers, solutions for logistic and packaging, cultivators of fruit trees ... If you think you can contribute to our concept, please get in touch.



About us

DYCLE is a project of Ayumi Matsuzaka, artist and social entrepreneur. Born in Japan and living in Berlin since 2005.
She has worked in numerous projects on the subject of nature's cycle of matter and energy in an artistic context.

For her concept of diapers cycle she was awarded with the ZERI Award 2015.

Recently DYCLE has won the Next Organic Award 2016 and has been granted a fellowship of the Social Impact Lab Berlin

Ayumi is supported by a team of volunteers with various backgrounds.




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