Things are happening!

It is two weeks today since we launched our crowd funding campaign and our adventure kicked-off with a key note speech by Gunter Pauli at the Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin. We were overwhelmed by 1.200 audience standing ovation at the Summit and are buzzing with positive energy from all the people coming to support our project since. We have been approached by kindergartens in Berlin, reached by potential collaborators from across the world and as far as Equador, our team has doubled, we got our first press and so much is going on!! (press in german:!5242889/)

We want to tell an enormous THANK YOU to the first supporters of our crowd funding campaign and all those who help spreading the word about DYCLE project! We are deeply grateful.

Let’t keep up this great dynamic. Did you already check our campaign video? We uploaded the final one last week. Help us sharing our story with your networks. We have learned that personal messages are the most powerful. 

Let's make it happen together!


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