We started our crowd funding campaign!

We officially launched the crowd founding campaign on 25th of October 2015, at the keynote speech of Gunter Pauli (Blue Economy initiator) at Entrepreneurship Summit!

photo (left to right ): Ayumi Matsuzaka (DYCLE), Gunter Pauli (Blue Economy founder) and Anne Pleun van Eijsden (On the Rocks), 

How did all this happen?
The idea dates back to summer 2013 when Ayumi came back from the Blue Economy Summer School in Hungary. She had been involved in experiments with the cycle of nutricients. Now she was testing different baby diapers to transform them into rich black soil. While she still was working partly at home in her apartment, she gained support from a team of scientistific advisors: researchers at Botanic Garden of Berlin and engineers from Technical University Berlin.

Purapur, a young germany company, which is developing a new compostable diaper contributed a batch of their prototype diaper inlays for testing. In May 2015 a one-week pilot project with 20 curious parents showed proof that the idea is feasible.

Ayumi is a person, who could listen to many people's dreams, this is one of her strengths. But this Diapers Cycle is not her dream alone. Everybody might have their own dreams and aspiration of the DYCLE idea. As a result already quite a lot of people devoted their time, their knowledge and networks to the development of the DYCLE concept.

Finally the first batch of black soil out of used baby diapers is completed. The next step will be to scale up to local communities of about 100 families each. DYCLE wants to start operations in spring 2016. 

Thanks a lot to all scientists, engineers, journalists who contributed their energy! 

Gunter Pauli introduced the DYCLE concept in his keynote at the Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 on the past weekend. On Sunday, 25. October, the crowfunding campaigs was started on the Indiegogo platform. The name: Diaper Cycle - The Free Fruit Generation

Please spread the links and support our funding!