Babys help trees grow - a recap

We are grateful for your participation!

"Babys Lassen Bäume Wachsen” (Babys help trees grow) was the name of the project done in cooperation with the Berlin District Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Project

Through the project partnership with Berlin district, we were able to invite you to online seminars and test weeks during 2021. We ended the process with big learning and great success!

We are grateful for your participation and collaboration with our team.

Online seminars for everybody

Cloth diapering and Diaper free (Elimination Communication)
This collaboration was one of our biggest dreams for the past years. With experts of cloth diapering Sophie Bunkowsky and Rebecca Ziehe ( and diaper free / Elimination Communication coach Caroline Helbing, 9 online seminars were offered free of charge, one hour in each week from June to July. These professional experts used our compostable diaper inlays with their own babies already one year ago 2020 and this year 2021. With our trusting feelings, they gave varieties of topics and answered participants' practical questions. Thank you!

 Some Testimonials

“I attended all three Elimination Communication seminars. These were totally great for me and I am now looking forward to Elimination Communication. The topic of cloth diapers was not a topic for me before. Now I think I can combine it well.”

“Elimination Communication tried from birth, great relief and a lot of fun doing it ;-)”

“Yes, we now use cloth diapers successfully and with a lot of fun”

“I had my child and based on the seminars I knew that I just have to try several systems when diapering to find the right one and so it came after the birth. We are very happy to use cloth diapering and it works better than I thought. It also helped me a lot to know how to store the used diapers until they are washed and what to look for when washing them.”
“Wir haben windelfrei ausprobiert & es funktioniert sogar!”

“​​We tried diaper free & it actually works!”

Covered topics:

- Cloth diapering: Why, How and with what? How about materials and baby wearing?
- How do we prepare for a daycare centre? (Focus on external childcare)
- Cloth diapers for newborn babies
- Cloth diapers for older ages
- Cloth diapers (including treatment and storing correctly)
- Elimination Communication from the birth
- Elimination Communication from 6 months old

Why did we invite everybody?

For us, sustainable diapering is not the topic only for parents. We strongly believe that surrounding society can commit together any possible small daily shift better for our environment. Parents are heavily occupied by their daily routine. If we make a supportive neighbourhood community where everybody knows how to change diapers and can feel the sign of needs of small friends, we can build more friendly surroundings for everybody including families. Yes, we love to have an inclusive society.

If our parents or grandparents like to learn new communication techniques  when they see small friends in front of them. We would like to invite everybody and learn together sustainable diapering topics.

If you are curious to see the insights tips of the session, please visit our instagram.

We would like to continue this learning networks of pregnant couples and parents with experts in the near future again!