Rethink Festival #2 on 23. July - BioChar making and Panty Painting

We would be happy to see you at the upcoming ReThink Festival #2, which will take place on Saturday 23th July at Prinzessinnengarten.
Workshops DYCLE will offer:
Biochar Making (for adults)
Panty Painting (for adults + children)
Time: 13:00 – 15:30

Learn how the DYCLE cycle works and see how biochar, the charcoal soil amendment, is made. For small children there will be the opportunity to design their own pants, seeking creative designs, patterns, materials and ideas for the outer pants of biodegradable diapers.

We would also like to make an OPEN-CALL to sustainable designers who are interested in working with us to make and develop designs for the creation of outer pants for baby diapers.

We will stay in the garden all afternoon (until 18.00) for questions and discussions. See you there!

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