Our next workshop about Terra Preta in Pankow

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Practical workshop about Terra Preta with Dr. Haiko Pieplow

on Saturday, 20th August, 13.00 until around 17.00 (with breaks)

at the garden of Eden Cafe, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin-Pankow

- What is Terra Preta and what makes the black soil so valuable?
- What are the benefits of using biochar (charcoal powder)?
- How is the humification done?
- Hwo to produce biochar with a pyrolyse stove (cooking and making biochar at the same time)

The workshop will take place in the garden of Eden Cafe. We will have breaks ant the the cafe will be open.
Please register yourself beforehand hello@dycle.org

Cost: 18 Euro for a person (children free of charge)

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