Loo:topia - Dycle at re:publica conference 2023

We care about compostable baby diapers - but actually the issue is much bigger and more important!

This year we were guests again with the Loo:topia garden at the digital conference re:publica in Berlin from June 5 to 7. Dycle is part of a network of organizations and projects working for the sanitation and nutrient transformation. Check out the program and the list participating organisations at www.naehrstoffwende.org/lootopia-23/

How can we embed change in everyday life?

That was the topic of our Meetup, co-hosted with Caroline Helbing (Mindful_Parenting). What factors are helpful or hindering to establish change in life? Various experiences came up in the round, not only on the topic of diapers, but also for other areas of life. Thank you for your engaged participation!


What are the true social, monetary and environmental costs of our sanitation system?

Our current sanitation system, while extremely convenient, is based on a high use and pollution of resources. How could we overcome wasting water and energy and maintaining food security?

In the Loo:topia garden we showed different solutions - exhibits and experiments, plants to take away, seedballs to make yourself, card game to try ... In addition, there were rounds of talks and meetups on the topic. Many visitors of the conference stopped by and informed themselves with us. Even Minister of Economy Robert Habeck took the time and let us guide him around the booth.

Some facts

We need 1/3 of our drinking water in Germany every day for flushing toilets.
= per year this is as much water as in Germany's largest inland lake (Müritz)

with the precious water we also flush away other valuable substances: phosphorus and nitrogen
= which are indispensable for the development of the plants that feed us

in addition, pharmaceutical residues, heavy metals, microplastics and other pollutants from sewage treatment plants enter the environment.

Christian, Caroline (Achtsam_Eltern), Chihiro und Ayumi vor unserem Stand

Picture: Anne Barth/re:publica CC BY-SA 2.0