Taking action - Neighborhood community in Pankow

Every Thursday families and individuals come for picking up their orders at the Food Assembly Pankow. Since May they bring with them their kitchen waste. It is collected by DYCLE and turned into rich humus.

We believe that revolutional change can start with small steps every day. Many of us love to grow flowers and plants at home. Some have a balcony or a shared garden but most of us do not have space to create humus / compost by ourselves. In Berlin, all organic waste, collected by households, goes to “Bio-Tonne” container and is converted to bio gas in the end. And this is great!

However, why not also turn it into compost and benefit our plants and flowers? Some tenants have no bin for green waste because their landlord chose not to order one from the waste management company. With the support of Food Assembly Pankow and Eden Studio, we started this side-project in Pankow: everybody who collects and brings us their kitchen waste will receive a bucket full of Terra Preta black humus in exchange a few months later.

In addition, everybody is welcome to our Terra Preat workshops, that we will offer soon. 


Food Assembly Pankow - good food directly from local producers
Thursdays 18.30 - 20.00, Eden Studio, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin


Get information and a collecting bucket at the Food Assembly Pankow. 

Instructions how to collect

To produce Terra Preta substrate we need charcoal powder. A good opportunity to get your hands dirty ...