Practical Hands with us!

What does it mean to keep a “Streuobstwiese” and to plant 1000s varieties of local fruits trees around us?

Under fruits trees, we can hear big varieties of birds’ singings. We can feel very small insects moving. Small animals are alive there because of these insects. Some birds use left over wheat fornest-building, which surrounding farmers left after harvesting. The soil under our feet is soft because the tree’s roots pump spring water up and prepare for new buds…

Keeping the fruits trees means keeping the complex ecological system around the tree. Insects, birds, small animals, flowers, wheat and human-beings.

Ayumi, founder of DYCLE attended a 4-days-intensive-course at the University in Tübingen last month.
The theme: Biodiversität in der Kulturlandschaft.

„With students, I (Ayumi) ate around 20 different types of apples together. We drunk locally made juice of apples, peers and other berries. Then we imagined that it would be a big revolution, if all of us have the opportunity to reach so many varieties of local fruits. We may not go to supermarkets and buy fruits there any more.“

Photo shows: learning tree-cuts