Healthy tea for women

I, Ayumi, founder of DYCLE, lost my best friend in the art world at the beginning of this year, 2016. She was 38 years old. We were both contemporary artists and great rivals as well as friends. We had often discussed the idea of DYCLE, since she was using baby diapers for her two-year-old daughter and I do not have a child. When she told me of her disease, I promised several things to her. One was to make the DYCLE service reality.Female bodies undergo remarkable changes, including in their hormone levels, during pregnancy and after giving birth. It is very important to maintain not only the baby’s health, but also that of the mother. Natural supplements such as special teas may be beneficial, for example in strengthening her immune system.

DYCLE will commence our regular operations this spring. The black soil from of our pilot project with 20 Berlin parents will have completed its process. We will plant our first local fruits trees in the soil this year.

Some trees offer us not only their fruit but also their leaves. We could make herbal tea out of them, for example. This has been on my mind because of my friend. If herbal teas could help prevent female diseases, such breast cancer and uterus cancer, DYCLE - Diapers Cycle would love to learn about them. Besides making fruits juice and baby food, we could grow and harvest the ingredients for medicinal tea, with a focus on women’s health.  

I am therefore appealing to herbal experts, practitioners of Chinese medicine and anyone else familiar with the health benefits of fruit tree leaves and flowers, to contact me and share your knowledge. I would be very happy if you would be interested in collaborating on this project with me.

The big photo above shows tea ingredients that I bought in my hometown in Japan. This tea is a blend of the leaves of the Kaki fruit, mulberry and other indigenous Japanese herbs.

Ayumi and Fumiko in India


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