The opportunity of a low-tech and low-cost approach in a glocal network

Projects that inspired us at DYCLE

DYCLE is busy developing a production line for our 100% plastic-free diaper inlays. We often say, the machinery should be "low-tech". What does it mean? How should we imagine this machine?

We want to achieve a decentralized production. One production site could provide a couple of hundred or thousand families with fresh diaper inlays. Without long distribution chains, a lot of complicated and costly logistics are not needed anymore. The production could be run by a group of families themselves, providing jobs and cheap products.

For our ideas we have had examples, that inspire and motivate us.

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This project was initiated in 2013 by product designer Dave Hakkens from Eindhoven. His idea: simple tools to recycle plastic and to manufacture new things out of it. All blueprints are open source, so everybody can build the toolset by themselves. On the website you can find a map where the world-wide community of makers and workshops find each other and exchange information. The machines are continuously developed further. At this moment the third generation is in use.

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It took Arunachalam Muruganantham almost five years to build his first machine. He almost became a complete outsider by pursuing his idea. His concept: Woman use simple tools to produce affordable sanitary pads. This will provide them with an income and many more women get access to hygienic pads. Especially in the poorest areas of India only few women used sanitary pads, because they are too expensive and also because of a lack of knowledge.

We are impressed how he achieved his goals despite all the obstacles. His idea practically improves the lifes of many women. The small workshops offer jobs and education for women. They open a new perspective where there was not so much hope.

Read more about Muruganantham in the story from the BBC or watch the video that shows his tools:


We find these projects worth sharing. What inspires you?

14.02.2018 - 12:15

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