Start with what we have

One of the important insights of Blue Economy principle is to start with what we have and start what we can. Each local nature condition is different. You have different waste resources than the one we DYCLE Berlin have. What might be interesting for those who want to initiate DYCLE in their local area is to visit the nearest Farmers markets. Sometimes the waste from one activity can be the input material for creating new things. This is another key element of Blue Economy and Systemic Design by Prof. Luigi Bistagnino.

Here is one amazing example at a small farmers market in south west of Japan. Ayumi (founder of DYCLE) grew up in Nagasaki, Japan. Her favorite shop is this farmers market there. Local people do not know the name of „Terra Preta black soil“. But this small shelf at the shop sells almost all ingredients for making black soil. How wonderful it is!? Oh yes, east Asia is wonderland of fermentation. It is true that one can find a bigger variety of micro-organisms and the habit of fermentation in asia than for example in Germany. You know their Miso, Soy sauce, Tsukemono, Kimuchi...

If you know how to do fermentation, then making black soil is similar to go! Maybe your neighbour uses some local micro-organisms and know traditional anaerobic fermentation at their kitchen! Who knows!?

Let’s be conscious of what we have around us! So that movement of DYCLE – Diapers Cycle could grow all over the world with the power of our local nature!