Our Vision is Here!

Out of the nutrient of collected baby diapers, we are going to grow biodiversity of indigenous fruits trees! Yes, this image is our vision and we are on the way to go.

Ayumi, founder of DYCLE learned yesterday how to make cultivation (in german “kupulieren”) of tree-seedlings at tree nursery. Oh yes, it is full of hand work, which we need professional skill. DYCLE is planning to make workshop of this in Berlin.


Who is interested in making your own fruit-tree seeding during this wintertime? And who has very tasty fruits trees at your gardens and share the branches to us? We are also looking for skilled gardeners who collaborate this cultivation with DYCLE!

 Marie Gasser

By the way, there are more than 5000 old types of apples in Germany. Amazing! Each one has their own perfume, own color, own form and own taste.

The photo was taken at the Apfeltag at the Loki-Schmidt-Garden in Hamburg 2015. (photo by Marie Gasser)

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