6th International Dry Toilet Conference 2018, Tampere (FI)

Wednesday, 22. August 2018 - 10:00 to Friday, 24. August 2018 - 18:00
Dry Toilet Goes Circular - The 6th International Dry Toilet Conference 2018
Tampere Finland
DYCLE will present our Diaper Cycle system at the 6th International Dry Toilet Conference in Tampere, Finland on 24th August 2018.
The Dry Toilet Conference is an international triennial event conducted by The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland. Started in 2003, the conference attracts experts and audience from various parts of the globe.
The theme of this year is Circular Economy and the title of the conference is Dry Toilet Goes Circular. We expect intensive days, where we will discuss the latest achievements, research and challenges related to sustainable sanitation, nutrient recycling and implementation of urban and rural sanitation.
Ayumi Matsuzaka, the founder of DYCLE, has constantly attended since 2009 and received a lot of inspiration and knowledge exchange from experts there. We are happy to present our progress of the last years' test run with the first group of parents in Berlin-Pankow at the the session: "Sanitation and nutrient recycling in business”.
Looking forward to seeing you and we will share the feedback from the global experts to you through our blog later.

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