22.09.20 | Make Garden soil not diaper waste - Info meeting in Prinzessinnnengarten

Tuesday, 22. September 2020 - 16:00 to 17:30

This autumn we will start to test our sustainable diapering system for three weeks with a group of parents in Berlin-Neukölln. Join us on 22.09.2020 to learn how you can participate and start to transform diaper waste into fertile soil.

In the past several years the DYCLE team developed together with babies their parents, scientists, experts, diaper advisors and volunteers, innovative diaper inlays which are 100% plant based and completely compostable. After they have been used, the inlays are processed and transformed into Terra Preta, a soil substrate rich in organic carbon and nutrients. This healthy, fertile soil is ideal for planting all kinds of plants. Our goal is to establish a circular economy system in Berlin that enables parents to avoid diaper waste and turn it into a valuable resource. 

Become part of a community which avoids waste and creates a new resource!

Visit us on 22.09.2020 to learn more in Prinzessinnengarten!

meet at: Umweltbildungsfläche / Bewegungbaustelle
Hermannstraße 99-105
12051 Berlin-Neukölln


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