13.06.23 | Art Meets Science - Uferhallen Berlin

Tuesday, 13. June 2023 - 19:30 to 21:00

Compostable diapers for the production of Terra Preta - what's behind it?

Under the motto ART MEETS SCIENCE, artist Ayumi Matsuzaka, Dr. Ariane Krause (scientist IGZ, zirkulierBAR) and Dr. Michael Weiß (microbiologist, Steinbeis Innovationszentrum, Tübingen) talk about the scientific background: Can baby diapers be composted? What possibilities and opportunities does this offer? What role do microorganisms play?

The exhibition "Zur Nachahmung empfohlen" (Recommended for Imitation, zur-nachahmung-empfohlen.de) combines art, science and political activism. After tourling ther world for 13 years, the exhibition returns to its original location with a total of 80 works by various artists. Ayumi Matsuzaka's work on the cycle of nutrients has been traveling with it since 2010.

The talk will be held in German language.

Uferhallen Berlin-Wedding
Uferstraße 8, 13357 Berlin-Wedding
free admission

The exhibition is open until 16. Juli 2023

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