I want to participate! When do we start? What are the costs?

Currently we are still preparing for the start. Therefore we can't announce details and a timeline yet. If you are interested in DYCLE and would like to stay informed, please subscribe to our mailing list.


I don't live in Berlin. Can I still participate?

We want to build the first group of parents in Berlin. If everything runs smoothly we will document and describe the procedings in detail so they can be used and adapted everywhere. However, we can't say exaxtly when this will happen.

Please bear with us! We also want to create attention to all other material flows in daily life: where does our food come from? What happens to my household waste? Can we use our waste in a better way than burning it or storing it in a landfill?


We have a garden and could do the composting by ourselves. Is that possible?

Having a compost in your garden is a good idea! Our aim is to create communities in neighbourhoods that will do the DYCLE diaper cycle together. The distribution and collection of diapers would be most efficient if it happens self-organized. The actual transformation to soil substrate will be done by specialists to ensure quality and success. Please understand that we currently can not offer any individual training on this matter.

We will document all proceedings so others can follow once we are satisfied with the whole process.


Where can I buy those diapers? Which product do you recommend?

We need 100% compostable ones (without any plastic) but otherwise we are not bound to a special brand. We would like to see many companies to offer compostable diapers. Please understand that we can't give any recommendations for specific products at this moment.


What kind of diapers are suitable? Can I use normal disposable diapers?

To make use of the process developed by DYCLE we need 100% compostable diapers. In fact, what we use is a diaper inlay, that can be used together with outer pants. This works very similiar to cloth diaper systems, just that we do not wash those inlays but recollect and transform them into rich humus.

In order to get humus in the end, the diaper inlays may not contains plastic or any other non-degradable material. Some of the diapers available in the market are called "bio-degradable" but need a certain process in order to degrade (minimum temperature, others conditions). Those diapers can't be used in our process.


When will degradable diapers be available?

Every year new, interesting products are introduced. We hope there will be 100% compostable diapers without any additves on the market soon. That would be great.


I like the idea very much! How can I help?

Thank you! First of all, tell your friends!
You can follow us on Facebook if you like: www.facebook.com/dycle.diapers.cycle/

If you live in Berlin and you want to get involved, please contact us at hello@dycle.org